Cloud Computing


What is Cloud Computing?


Cloud computing is becoming immensely popular, but few providers can give you an accurate cloud computing definition. NetEffect is the first and only Nevada-based company to offer a fully hosted cloud computing solution. Our experts can help you gain a crystal clear understanding of cloud computing, and help you determine if it’s a good fit for your organization. To provide you with a better understanding of cloud computing, we offer a free informative session called “7 Big Questions About the Cloud” – click here for the schedule. You can also view our video here to see the end user experience of using our cloud platform.


With cloud computing, your applications and data look exactly the same. They’re in a secure data center and streamed live  in real-time over the Internet to the computer (or device) you’re using at that moment. The advantages of cloud computing include mobility, cost savings, and superior security and reliability.


Click here to download our free whitepaper, “5 Tips for Businesses to Evaluate Cloud Services”.


Cloud Computing and Security


Security in the cloud is far superior to on-premise computer equipment because data centers that host cloud computing have the latest and most stringent data protection measures, including:



Cloud Computing for Disaster Recovery


Cloud Computing offers many new options with regard to improved data integrity and disaster recovery. Data in the cloud can be backed up more frequently, quickly and reliably, and copies can be held in multiple geographic locations.


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