Fixed Fee IT

IT should be easy.


We call it Total Tech Assurance. Put simply, it’s unlimited support for a fixed monthly fee, providing your organization with:


Because you're not being billed by the hour, you can rest assured we’re your trusted advisor. Our unique managed services network automation keeps your computer systems functioning optimally and your people and business productive.


Our software allows us to remotely reach your devices to install updates, run scans, verify virus definitions, defragment your hard drives, and perform data backups – all after business hours or in the background, so downtime is kept to a minimum.


We actively manage your PC, servers, firewall, router, anti-spam devices, printers and scanners, mobile phones (and any other network devices) … and guard your network from threats and security breaches to keep everything running smoothly.


Total Tech Assurance is Simple… it’s IT that works.

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