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Cloud computing is changing the technology landscape, and the reason is simple. It provides your organization with the reliability, power and flexibility you’ve wanted from technology for decades.


A cloud is an inaccurate and misleading analogy for what cloud computing really is because it suggests your data and applications are in some mysterious, non-specific place. This couldn’t be further from the truth. With cloud computing, your data and applications are stored in a data center. The power grid is the perfect analogy for cloud computing, and that’s why we named our cloud solution, MyGrid Anywhere Computing.


Plug in and get your own piece of the cloud with MyGrid Anywhere Computing. The benefits of MyGrid include:


MyGrid Anywhere Computing provides you with technology that’s as reliable, dependable, and affordable as the power grid.


To provide you with a better understanding of cloud computing, we offer a free informative session called “7 Big Questions About the Cloud” – click here for the schedule. You can also view our video here to see the end user experience of using our cloud platform.


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