MyGrid Testimonials


“We recently migrated all of our software and data to MyGrid, and NetEffect did an amazing job of quickly moving all of our customized software in a way that was minimally disruptive. MyGrid makes our daily operations so much smoother. We now have the level of performance and flexibility we need. MyGrid is exactly what we were looking for.”


Jill Phillips, Office Manager, Always There Home Health Care


“MyGrid is amazing. It allows us to access all our applications and data from any of our locations, and working from home is seamless. I recommend MyGrid to any law firm (or any business for that matter) looking for true business mobility.”


Arelice Parra, Secretary to Ronald A. Colquitt, Esq. and Michael N. Aisen, Esq.


“I am amazed at cloud computing’s potential for increasing capacity, mobility, access to work documents and security. Based on what was presented at NetEffect’s demonstration, cloud computing is a concept the North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce will consider for adoption. If you don’t know what cloud computing can do for your company, get the answers from NetEffect before your competition does.”


Michael V. Varney, President & CEO, North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce


“I attended NetEffect’s presentation, and was amazed by their cloud offering. MyGrid virtually eliminates costly hardware expenses while vastly improving your IT security and reliability. Best of all, MyGrid allows you to access all your applications and data from ANY device. Wow.”


Jacqueline Estrella, Senior Account Executive, Cox Business


“The NetEffect Session on Cloud Computing gave me a clear understanding of what cloud computing is and how it can benefit myself and my company. It’s clear NetEffect is on the leading edge of this new technology. I feel confident in their ability to take any company to the next level, safely and effectively.”


Lana K. Elliott, Executive Consultant, MAP Consulting


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